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A Teaching Company course I imported into my iTunes library showed up in "audiobooks" not by the name of the course but by the individual lectures. How do I combine the lectures under one name (the course name)?

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    Hi Jeanne Ann,


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    You can edit the file information by right clicking on it and choosing "Get Info."

    You can also create a playlist for this content so that you have control over the order the individual files are played.

    The following articles will provide more information:


    Playing and managing content in iTunes



    Editing and arranging content

    Editing Info

    Each audio or video file in iTunes has several settings and tags that can be easily modified. These options can be accessed by selecting any file in the iTunes browser windows and selecting "Get Info" from the File menu. You can add song lyrics, artwork and set special playback options. The "Info" tab lets you edit information about the file including artist and album info.

    Making Playlists

    Playlists are an incredible way to arrange your music. All playlists contain a subset of the content in your iTunes library and you can add or subtract content in several ways. You can also group playlist into folders for extensive categorization




    - Judy