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I am trying to sell my old iPad for a new one with more space, and i have also recently purchased a macbook. What i want to know is how to seamlessly transfer all my APPS, and other files. I have game apps, stoarge apps like skydrive, evereader pro, and other Productivity apps such as iWriter where i have a lot of write-ups in it. With iWriter App, worse case scenarios is that i'll painstakingly copy and paste all that i have written in it; however, this isn't achievable with files I have stored in various folders on my other storage apps i downloaded from the apple store.


in short, i'd like some help with wiping my ipad clean without losing all that i currently have in it

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4
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    Use iTunes to make a backup of the old device.

    Any apps you downloaded from the App Store can be downloaded again at no charge.

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    Thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestion regarding backing up old device. As for the apps i downloaded, i have no issues downloading them again but what about the ones i had purchased? that's the first question. Secondly, like i mentioned in my original question, a few of the apps i downloaded already have in them files i have copied in (e.g. evereader pro) and some of them like the iWriter and e-Bibles which have write-ups and annotations/highlights respectively. I  would like to know how to (if it's possible, that is) copy those apps into my new device without losing my writings, annotations, saved files etc