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Almost everything I do in Aperture is slow and it's gotten worse over time.  This doesn't happen with other applications it's specific to Aperture.

Clicking the import tab takes several seconds.

Clicking to a project causes a beach ball


My library is huge. 35,000 pictures

The Vault requires 178GB.


I'm running Aperature 3.5.1 on an imac 2011 with 8GB of RAM. Everything is updated.



What should I do to improve performance?

Will breaking down the library in to parts help? How do I do that?


Thank you for your help!


Bob D. in Huntington Beach.

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    My library is huge. 35,000 pictures

    The Vault requires 178GB.

    Is your library on an external or the internal drive? How full is the internal drive? Do you have at least 20GB free on your System drive?


    Do you use plug-ins? If yes, have you checked, if they are compatible?


    When did the slowness start? After updating software or installing new software? After importing new images?


    Will breaking down the library in to parts help? How do I do that?


    The library size alone cannot cause the slowness, so spliting it will probably not help.


    Try to narrow down the problem;

    1. You may have imported media, that cannot be processed;
    2. Your library may need fixing,
    3. your user account may have wrong settings,
    4. or you may have a system wide problem.


    1. To check for corrupted media in your Aperture library, launch Aperture, while holding down the Shift key. Is Aperture still slow?
    2. To check if the library is causing the problem create a small test library - just use the command "File > Switch to Library > Other/new" and create a new library; import a few images and test.  Do you see the same slowness?
    3. If even a new library does not help, repeat the experiment, but while working in a different user account. Is Aperture more responsive, if you are using a different account?

    Then post back, with the results of your experiment.



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    I used held down the shift key when starting it  and it resolved the issue. I must have had a corrupted library.



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    O.k., that is a promising result, but the problem is not yet solved.


    Holding down the Shift-key while launching will defer the generation of previews - so Aperture will not process the newly imported image files.

    When Aperture does not hang, when you prevent preview generation means, that you imported a corrupted image or video. But you will have to find this image or video and to remove it, or the problem can occur again. 


    Do you remember when the problem first started? The images you imported at that time are the first suspects to check.


    See:                  How to Screen an Aperture Library for Corrupted Image Files or Videos