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Be careful installing the 7.0.6 update it bricked my iphone 5s and ipad mini. Had to do a full factory restore. In process now hope I don't lose too much. Is it too much to ask that these updates be tested before they are released.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
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    Hi Bruce



    i have had the exact same problem with my ipad 2!! just tried installing the update and its told me i have to reset the ipad back to factory setting, my ipad wont do anything at all!

    Hopefully you wont lose eveything! let me know what happens.

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    I had the same issue with an iPhone 4 Bruce.  I wasn't so lucky though.  Mine wont even restore to factory settings.  It fails on the restore on multiple machines with error 12 during the firmware write.  Apple says it is dead and wants me to pay to have it fixed.  It was working perfectly before the software update.

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    FYI. I think the only solution is luck. I have 2 iPhone 5s' and 2 iPads. One iPhone updated without any problems. The other iPhone and the iPad mini both had to do a factory restore. Luckily I had backed all of them up to iCloud. They restored ok. I'll wait a while to update the other iPad. Next time I'll wait before installing any Apple updates. Hopefully they'll catch the early bugs.

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    I have essentially the same problem, but I don't think it's right that we should have to pay Apple to fix their mistake.  I think if we can get enough affected users together, we can force Apple to do the right thing.