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A week ago I was watching Vines with my iPhone 5S, when out of nowhere, the Apple Icon showed up and it stayed like that all day until the battery ran out. When I tried to turn it on (charging it after the battery was empy) the Apple Icon pops up, and seconds after the spinning circle pops up too, and stays just like that. I´ve only had my iPHone since Christmas and it is already failing.


In the same day that happened I took it to Movistar (I live in Peru) and there they told me that I had to wait a week for the cellphone to get checked. And if after a week they noticed that the problem was from inside I was gonna have a new iPhone, but the problem is that Movistar is the one that fixes this devices, when the one that should really fix them is Apple. Apple doesn´t recieve or fix any kind of product if it ain´t bought at their store, but they should try to fix them because they are the one that created the product! They know how it works and everything, what is wrong with helping someone with his product!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4