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I've been searching for an Apple corporate contact point for my question, but I keep running into dead ends. I'm writing instructions for my survivors to tell them what they must do with my digital affairs upon my death. I found the following on Apple's "Legal" page--


No Right of Survivorship

You agree that your Account is non-transferable and that any rights to your Apple ID or Content within your Account terminate upon your death. Upon receipt of a copy of a death certificate your Account may be terminated and all Content within your Account deleted. Contact iCloud Support at www.apple.com/support/icloud for further assistance.


Note that sentence: Upon receipt of a copy of a death certificate ... . How does one send such a document to Apple? Is there a fax number? Does the executor send it by snail-mail to the Cupertino offices? Attention whom? Does the copy need to be notarized? What if the person had two Apple IDs (as I do)--do they need two copies? How much detail does the executor have to provide?


We're talking lawyer stuff here, and I know from experience that legal stuff can get complicated.

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    Very interesting question; I wonder if you should start with the iTunes support page since that is where your Apple ID is "kept" and see if you can get them to guide you to the correct department. The Cupertino address is an idea; but I'd address it to their legal department there.

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    I sent the same question yesterday to Microsoft Corporation (I'd found a way to message them directly). I got an almost immediate response from one of their legal beagles. They gave me detailed instructions and listed exactly the information and supporting documents they require. They also provided both a fax number and a postal address. And that was on a Sunday. I was impressed.