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I really like how the new 'Artist' tab  in the "Music" library is organized by artist then album and finally track number.  The only changes I'd make here are to:

  1. Get rid of the "All artists" item at the top of the list.
  2. Show ONLY songs in this tab.
  3. Rename the "Artist" tab to "Songs", and get rid of the "Songs" list tab.


The 'Videos' tab should be view in the same way as the 'Artist' tab, except the music videos should be simply listed by it's year of release by the "Unknown" album listings.


Even tho I've set my view in the "Movies" to sort by title then year, it's not doing it.  For example my Jeff Dunham movies are listed out order.  It should be:

  1. Arguing With Myself
  2. Spark Of Insanity
  3. Very Special Christmas
  4. Controlled Chaos

..but they're currently listed in the following order:

  • Datalyss Level 1 (35 points)

    Sorry ya'll.  I accidentally sent this before I finished editing this.  Anyway, my JD movies are currently listed as follows:

    1. Arguing With Myself; 2006
    2. Controlled Chaos; 2011
    3. Spark Of Insanity 2007
    4. Very Special Christmas; 2008
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    Ok, obviously nobody cares about making the interface more usable like I do.

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    Or nobody noticed your thread...


    Feedback goes to:


    There may be some way to achive the order you desire by modifying the sort fields of the Movies in question, e.g. set Sort Name and Sort Album to:

    Jeff Dunham 1

    Jeff Dunham 2

    Jeff Dunham 3

    Jeff Dunham 4

    Set Album name to the movie Name if it isn't already. Add leading zeros in the numeric part for large series, e.g. James Bond.


    Rename Artist to Songs, and then get rid of Songs? I've no idea what you mean by that. You are entirely free to ignore a view of your library that you have no personal use for, but why should anyone else lose it?



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    Rly?  Nobody noticed?  How do you explain over 100 views then?



    Also, with regards to the Music library, I no longer propose  getting rid of the "Songs" tab, but simply that it should list only songs, not music videos since the "Videos" tab lists the videos, although I'd personally prefer the videos list view (like the songs tab) instead of the current grid view.  Finally, as a desktop user, I think the "Albums", Artists", and "Genres" tabs are simpy unneccary.


    As far the Movies library, I've done what you suggested B4, and it does work, but my point is that you can sort by title, but not title then year:



    The iTunes programmers should work on this.  Better yet, they should just include way more customization options so users can make the entire iTunes player interface look and function the way they choose.  Forinstance, I don't like the checkmark beside downloaded items.  There needs to be an option to turn this off by default.

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    Nobody that felt like contributing noticed. Is that better? This is a user-to-user forum. Apple aren't reading the forums for feedback, and you're not supposed to post anything that looks a poll or petition. It was your title that made me look in case the thread needed reporting.


    As before, feedback goes to:


    Why would you want to sort films by title and then year? Does the library consist of nothing but remakes?


    You can use playlists to filter out stuff you don't want to see, e.g. a list of songs that excludes music vidoes.


    Explore what customizations there are a little further. Ctrl+B will get you a menu bar. Edit > Preferences > General tab will give you control over the checkboxes.


    You remain free not to click on the Albums, Artists or Genres buttons, but you're missing out on a rich visual index to your library, assuming you make the effort to add artwork.



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    I can see there's no sense in continuing this conversation.


    [End of line.]

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    First of all, I offer my sincere appologies or my  previous post.  It wuz uncalled for.  Second, I forgot

  • Datalyss Level 1 (35 points)

    ...and now everything I just typed is gone.  Thank you Apple.

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    Don't worry, perhaps my dry humour didn't come over without the smiley. Hopefully you've managed to turn those checkboxes off now. If the forum software dumped a post you were composing then that is the fault of Jive. It can be quite frustrating at times. Or did I miss something that got moderated out of existence?



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    Actually, I know I can uncheck all checkboxes at once by pointing to a checkbox , and press [CTRL] while clicking, but my point is thate there needs to be an option to turn them off by default so that every item I download or import isn't auto-checked.


    As for the Music

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    [2nd try]


    Actually, I know I can uncheck all checkboxes at once by pointing to a checkbox , and press [CTRL] while clicking, but my point is thate there needs to be an option to turn them off by default so that every item I download or import isn't auto-checked.


    As for the Music library, here's what I'm talkin' about:


    Song view:

    iTunes - Song View.jpg

    Video view:

    iTunes -  Video View.jpg

    Only these would go under the Songs & Videos respectively, not playlists I create.


    Also, I still think the Albums, Artists, and Genres tabs are unnecessary, but there could be an option to aljlow users to choose whether or not to hide them.





    As for the Movies library, I realize I can manually sort them as per your suggestion, but my point is that the iTunes programmers shouldn't have greyed out the "then" dropdown menu when 'Title' is chosen in the "Sort by" dropdown menu in "'View Options'" box. I tried to upload an image of the View Options box, but for some reason, it wouldn't upload.  Anyway, the point is there should be an option to sort by Title, then Year.  Also, the tab bar here is unnecessary IMO.


    The TV Shows library is fine  the way it is, except of course, an unnecessay tab bar.  It would also be nice to have an option to hide the titles (like in the Movies library) since the title in is the thumbnail art.


    I don't have an opinoin about the other libraries as I don't use them.


    I'm using iTunes for Windows version

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    What are you using the checkboxes to do for you? You can hide the checkboxes altogether via Edit > Preferences > General tab which is what I assumed you meant when you complained about them. They have a number of effects, one of which is to make unchecked tracks skip through normal track-to-track playback. The idea is that any tracks you want to skip in your main libary, e.g. bonus interview tracks or holiday music out of season, probably don't need to be synced to your device either. However the check marks in themselves should not be used as the main sync selection mechanism for your device which is best achieved through the use of playlists. Presumably you actually want to listen to freshly imported tracks, why would you import media you don't like, so checked by default after import makes most sense to me.



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    You're not understanding me.  I don't use the checkboxes at all.  I don't like having one song auto-play after another, like in a playlist.  I prefer to manually choose which song I play after another one finishes.  I'm oldschool that way.


    Also, simply hiding the checkboxes is  not the same as turning them off.  Songs will still play one after the other.

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    Since each movie title is assumed to be unique then logically once you've sorted a list by title there are no other fields that it will be relevant to sub-sort on. You can sort by Year and then by Artist or Title, or by Artist and then Title or Year.


    I know what you're saying regarding music videos, you'd like to have them excluded from the say Songs or Albums, Artist etc. views. I'm happy that they are included. For example here is one of my albums that includes a bonus video track, which I have unchecked (hence the lighter shade of text) so that it doesn't play by default if I play the album.




    You could use feedback to request a feature to, for example, extend the View Options control such that it has an Include Music Videos check box in each of the views Songs, Albums, Artists, Composers and Genres. Then you'd be able to hide them where you want to.


    Still not sure why you think it necessary to suggest removing (rather than perhaps optionally hiding) features that you don't personally have a use for. The tab bar in TV shows lets those who use it switch between Unwatched (episodes), (all) Shows and Genres. I also enable the List view as I find this the most efficient when I want to make tag corrections.



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