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Hello  people


I cannot access the Active Loop Folder on Garage Band.


Now I DO have access to many different Loops folders (different series) in

Lib / Audio / Apple Loops / Apple / different loop folders (13 altogether).


I downloaded all these folders on to the GB loop library.

I can access them through Garagband and in doing so I noticed duplicates and triplicates. So I attempted to access the Active Folder containing all the loops, to no avail.

Any suggestions as to where I may find it?



Solved by léonie on Feb 25, 2014 2:54 PM Solved
Sorry for being so late responding Leonie but the forum was down yesterdayI had also difficulties to get into the forum yesterday. 6.0.5 Any loops you dragged to the loop browser, will probably be installed in either the folder/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops~/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User LoopsFrom the HelpText above:   GarageBand, Logic: Where loops get installed Note: The tilde (~) represents your home folder. To get to this location, in the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folderfrom the menu. Type ~/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops  in the "Go to the folder" field and press the Go button.Whether they go into the home folder path or the system path depends on the "My Apple Loops" preference you have set in the Loops pane of GarageBand preferences.