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I purchased an Imac a couple of years ago and switched to Aperature to help eliminate duplicates.  I spent time bringing them in a little at a time as not to duplicate.  I have moved what I thought was the master copy to an external drive so that it would not take up all the space.  I show eight copies of Aperature when I click option & then Aperature.  Please help me determine which is the main copy as they all have different version and original numbers.  I am so confused and was just trying to break it down so that I could manage it in even years at a time so that I could organize faces.  Not even really sure what version means as opposed to original.  I hope with some guidence I can finally get this right.  Thank you in advance if you understand where I am coming from

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    My short guide here may help you understand the parts of Aperture better, which in turn will help you ask specific questions.


    I advise all users of Aperture to read and understand the first seven chapters of the User Manual -- it's available on-line, as well as via "Help➞Aperture Help" -- as they provide a tour of the interface.


    You are going to have to do some work.  I can tell that you are confused -- Aperture, assuredly, is confusing at first -- but I can't tell what you are asking.  You need to distinguish, in your questions, between the files you imported (Aperture calls these "Originals" after you've imported them) and the Images in Aperture (Aperture refers to these as both Images and as Versions).  Every Image has an Original.  The Original (remember, it's a file) can be stored inside the Aperture Library package, or outside the Library package.  These distinctions are covered in both of the resources mentioned above.


    If nothing makes sense, post back and we'll see how we can help you.



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    Thank you so much for your honesty.  I am a visual person and try to put the manual in action but find it difficult.  Let me ask you this,  If I start a brand new Aperature Library and import the originals from other Aperature Librarys will it one eliminate discrepancies in the version and original totals?  And second will it eliminate duplicates or creat more?


    Again Thank you for your patience and guideance.  This picture dibacle has been weighing on my mind for too long.