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For whatever reasons I am now missing at least 1000 tracks as each has beside it an exclamation mark inside a circle. If I open the track it asks that I locate or cancel - if I choose the latter it plays the track because it is is the cloud. I then hit the cloud symbol to download it.


Now whilst that process works how can I do that for all the missing tracks in just a few simple moves?


I have tried hitting the locate button but that does not seem to take me to the track presumably because it does not exist!


Thank you.


Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Give us some background on your setup (in advance always helps if you want speedier resolution).  For example, if you have media on an external drive and do not turn on the drive (or the drive is sleeping) before starting iTunes, iTunes will see the files as misssing.  If you turned on the external after starting iTunes, iTunes will not have a second look until you try playing the track, then it will find it and play it. 


    Unless you see a file actually downloading from the Cloud it isn't coming  from there because the Cloud doesn't stream to computers.


    Another way to fix the links is to say yes when it asks if you want to fix one.  Find the actual file on your computer which it needs to play (in your iTunes media folder), then say yes when it asks if it should find others.

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    No the music is stored on my laptop hard disc.


    I subscribe to itunes Match


    The music transfers to my HD only when i hit the cloud symbol


    does that help?