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I have a library that got corrupted way back in IPHOTO 1 with photos from 2001 onward and has for some reason never gotten better despite rebuilds over the years etc. I started a new libary in 2011 due to the fact the old one was slow and would crash sometimes. My understanding with the latest iphoto is that I can merge the two libraries, but I decided instead to just modify them a bit. In IPLM I copied all the photos from 2011 into the new library, then tried to delete them from the old. When I selected empty iphoto trash, it went about half way, then froze overnight. I had to do a force quit and do it again. This time it went the entire way, although it took a long time, but then froze right at the end. I was forced to forcequit again. (Oh, both times I had to rebuild it, and the second time it froze at 64% in the rebuild) so I force quit again. This time when I opened Iphoto I get the error message " Unable to write to libary. Check that you have permission to write to libary."  What does that mean??

And then on top of that, after I quit, it wouldn't even let me eject the external harddisk it's stored on, a message claiming the disk was in use by one or more programs, even though Iphoto and all programs were closed!
I'm wondering what to do. Should I just trash this libary and copy the back up to my disk? And if so, how do I remove the pictures from the year 2011- probably it won't allow me to empty the trash again.


What I'd probably like to do it cut the old libary in half, because I think the corrupted photos are from 2004 when I had a major issue with it.

Please let me know if you have any solutions!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)