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i have iphoto picks on a standard user and i want to transfer them to my admin user does any one know how it would help a million.... thanks ...

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    Hi lollypop852,


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    I would suggest backing up your iPhoto library to an external drive.  Then you can access the library or copy it to your other user account.


    You also have the option of saving files to a shared folder on your Mac that can be accessed by any user.


    The following articles will explain more:



    OS X: Manually migrating data from another Mac



    Use an external drive

    If both of your computers have USB or FireWire connections, you can copy your important files to an external drive to move the files between them.

    1. Connect the external drive to your old Mac.
    2. In the Finder, locate the external drive. If you don't see it, choose Go > Computer to see a list of all of the drives connected to this Mac.
    3. In the Finder, drag any of the files you want to move to your new computer onto the external drive to make a copy.
    4. Once you are done copying all of your files, eject the external drive and disconnect it from your old Mac.
    5. Next, connect the external drive to your new Mac.
    6. Locate the drive in the Finder.
    7. Drag your files from the exernal drive to your Home folder, or another location on your new Mac.

    Mac Basics: File Sharing



    I hope this information helps ....

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    what i want to do is all the pictures i have in i photo i want to sync them to a different user on the same laptop