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Dictation feature not writing  exact phrases or sentences to the word document.  I tried using my iPad, however the text written is 90% incorrect. What can I do to improve that experince.  I do a lot of transcriptions and this would greatly assist me.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    iPad runs an entirely different opreating system.    How it handles dictation doesn't affect how your MacBook Pro handles it.   To solve at least the iPad, post here:




    Is your dictation problem with Mac OS X 10.9.2 on your MacBook Pro as well?  If it is, I'll request this thread be moved to the 10.9 forum where more people have experience with 10.9.

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    Thanks,  but the experience with dictation by just speaking is say 70% accurate, but when I use an external audio is 10% accurate.  Just need to know how can I enhance this experience.  All the tips that I can use to improve this will be greatly appreciated.

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    One thing to note, unless you have a Mac with DTS audio in and are using DTS audio in connector with your input, you are likely using line level audio input.   That means it is not amplified in any shape form or manner.

    You are probably best served by a microphone that has its own amplification of some sort.


    http://www.everymac.com/ will help you identify what audio input your Mac has.