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hey everybody...

I want to move to Logic Pro on my new intel Imac (2.0 core duo, 2 gigs Ram). I found a legit, unregistered copy of Logic Pro 7 for $500. Great!!! But before I register it, I have downloaded Logic Express trial to get a feel for workflow... and my machine seems to be bogging down... that's crazy. My computer is clocked faster than a G4 or even many G5s.

Do any of you find this to be true? Do you find Logic to be a memory hog? I even made sure to record to an external drive.

I have been a long time Ableton Live user (which as you know... hadly taxes any system's memory). I was going to get Live 5.2 and buy the NI komplete package ($599 at guitar center this month). I downloaded the Live 5.2 trial. Even it seems to take a while to launch. The 5.2 Live trial even crashed on me today. That is unheard of. It should not take 4 to 5 seconds to launch/audition a loop in the browser.

My computer doesn't seem to be as lightning fast as I thought it would be, and it's not aftermarket memory. Anyone feel the same? Is it an Intel chip thing? Help!!! Thoughts...

Imac   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2.0 Intel Core Duo, 2 gigs Ram