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I guess i must have created a password way back when i used itunes to back up my phone but as it never asks me for the password when I do backup so  I cannot remember what it was. I tried every combination of passwords I have ever used an to no avail. I would say at this point I will never remember and its not "password" or 1234.


I am not trying to restore a backup, I just want to be able to create new unencrypted backups so I would have access to them if I needed it but it will not let me, so essentially I am unable to protect any of my data other than backing up to "icloud".  Will I need the encrypted password to take advantage of an icloud back up too in the event my phone is damaged or if  it is lost????


There should be a way to contact apple or Verizon who I have had the phone with since new 3 years ago to override the encrypted password, this isnt top secret or the military.


To anyone who thinks its neccessary to tell me that to circumvent the encrypted password negates the whole security thing dont waste your time.  I have browsed all the forums and see that over and over again and it is far from helpful.  This is a problem that apple needs to fix. All they had to do to say I will need to use this same password everytime I back up and I would never have forgotten it.  Or they could setup a way to allow me to now make unencrypted backups from this point on.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.6
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    If I was to wipe out the iphone and restore using the icloud backup , would I need an encrypted password? I dont car about restoring photos, videos or music.  I need emails, notes, calendar and contacts.


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    You can restore it as new. I know nothing about your cloud backup. I assume it is also encrypted, so you would need the password. If you have to restore it as new, then you will lose everything not backup up in some other form on your computer such as in Contacts or Calendar or Mail.

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    Yes I am well aware that at anytime I can wipe out all the info on the phone and restore with backups. Unfortunately when I have been backing up regularly for the past 3 years as I was never asked for the password again I was not aware of what it was and that I would be in such trouble..  I did find an app (my contacts backup pro) that allowed me to save my contact list and email it to me and another app for my notes which was usefull but now I am left trying to find a way to either create a a backup without an encrypted password or trying to export the rest of my data so that I can import it back in if the phone is wiped clean.


    I guess if anyone can answer this "If you want to restore using the icloud backup, do you need an encrypted password" I do not see an encryped password check box in settings for itunes, the password box is a sub menu of the backup to the computer.

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    Solution for getting your info back when you have forgotten your encrypted password


    Well I did figure out a solution which I will share with anyone else who has the same problem, it does involve either having another apple device or borrowing one temporarily. Its not perfect but the info I didnt get back I dont care about.


    I took my daughters ipod touch (could use any iphone, or ipad too), backed it up then wiped it clean.

    put it in on my apple account and enabled icloud backup for all items it would allow.   All my contacts, appointments notes etc were transfered onto it from my phone through icloud.  All my emails are with imap services like yahoo, google etc so they are all there too.  Only thing I lost were any progress I had in games which is no big deal. Lost the texts too but dont care about those.  Have to reinstall any music and videos but that is no problem.  Took my original iphone and wiped it clean then started over and synced with icloud and now everything I care about is back on my phone.   If you cant borrow another apple device you can always buy a used ipod touch for $50 then sell it once you are done with it. I did the whole process in about an hour.


    Pro's (got the following all back)




    Emails (that were imap)


    Safari data (bookmarks etc)

    Documents, pdfs etc


    Music (just need to re-sync)

    Videos (just need to re-sync)

    All my apps


    Cons (didnt get)

    Any non imap email accounts


    Any data inside apps I had downloaded


    I did find an app that would have saved my texts but I couldnt be bothered with it, if its important to you then do it


    I have now set up encryped backup using the same password I use on other accounts so that I will never forget it.  Didnt want to not put a password in as many people seem to claim they didnt put one in then needed one later?? They are probably wrong but why take the chance. Now I know the new password.


    To everyone who tells ios owners they will never get their data back and they should wipe their phone clean and tough luck on them for not remembering their password, then shame on you.  So much for encrypted security being unbreakable. To be truly effective encrypted techniques they should force all devices on the same account using icloud to use encryped passwords otherwise its easy to circumvent if you can get the apple account sign in info.

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    What was the app that would have saved your texts, do you know?


    Also, it's possible that your texts were actually backed up onto iCloud but were not transferred to the iPod Touch because it doesn't have text capability. I think iCloud is *supposed* to back up messages, but I'm not positive on that.


    I actually don't understand why what you did requires the iPod Touch step at all. If your data is backed up to iCloud, can't you simply wipe the original device and then restore it from iCloud directly? I am NOT an expert and could be missing something though!! Thanks!


    (My account of similar problem: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5936757 )

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    I found 2 apps that claimed they would save the texts (as well as contacts etc), the first was called Copy Trans  http://www.copytrans.net and the other was called Touch Copy http://www.wideanglesoftware.com/touchcopy/index.php

    I did not use either of these programs so I cannot say if they did what they claimed to or not.  


    The reason I did not just wipe my phone clean and try and restore from the cloud is that I did not know if it would work or not. For all I knew it would ask me form my encrypted password when I went to restore with icloud. Once I wiped the phone clean if there was a problem with restoring it then I would be stuck with nothing. Better to try with another device to make sure.

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    Andrew, thanks for getting back to me! I appreciate it.


    I understand not wanting to lose everything and now the iPod Touch step makes more sense.


    I also am worried that the restore from iCloud would at some point ask for the encrypted password. Good to hear that it didn't!


    I am still mystified that it didn't restore your texts, though, as according to Apple those are definitely in the list of things that are supposed to be backed up when iCloud is enabled: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH12519?viewlocale=en_US

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    Interestingly enough, when I checked on my icloud settings prior to wiping  the phone clean, there was no check box to choose messages, everything else was there but nothing on messages??? It has - Mail, Contacts, CAlendars, reminders, safari, notes, passbook, keychain, photos, documents and data and find my phone.  Its also possible that because I synced back from an ipod touch that because it does not have cellular messages pehaps there was nothing there to copy.    If I have used another iphone to do this with maybe the messages would have come back.

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    Have you resolved this forever? Has the backup in iTunes remained unencrypted?


    How to stop new iPad backups from being encrypted?