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Hi all, I've been using soundtrack pro to edit a FC movie.  On trying to apply it back into the movie I get an error message wich to me is

total gobbley gook, it reads.

NS range Exception.

Cannot remove an Observer <Audio File Envolope Track Leader View>

for the key path "meter Jack Order" from

<NSUser Defaults 0x1090600> because it is not registered as an observer

What do I have to do to apply the edited file back into my FC project?

Final Cut Studio '09, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), 09 Mac Pro, quad core, 20GB ram
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    It is unclear how you are working.


    Are you using "send to STP" then saving?


    Are you opening the FCP project in STP directly then doing .... what?


    Help us here - what versions of software and OSX?



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    Ha, sorry newbe itis. Sending project from final cut 6 version 6.0.6 to soundtrack pro version 2.0.2 . OSX Mavericks.  for basic editing,  fades - noise reduction etc as a multitrack project. I complete the save box as soon as it opens in soundtrack. on completion I go to the saved file to apply it to the final cut project and get the error massage. I've not had the problem before, wondered if it was due to upgrading to Mavericks (Stab in the dark) Done repair disk permissions, thats all ok. Got to be something I've forgotten to do?

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    Mac OS X

    You are pushing the envelope working in fcp6 in Mavericks.  Did you do a clean install of Mavericks and FCP?  That's usually the way to get a stable system.  Here's a user tip on Installing OS and FCP




    As a workaround, can you just save an aiff in soundtrack pro and bring that in to fcp?

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    Hi Michael, I'm begining to think your right about using this programe in mavricks. The error message that i've already mentioned comes up now when ever I open soundtrack.  Do you think If I wipe a drive and install snow leopard then reinstall studio 2 on it, it would work properly. I bought a new drive to put maverics on and then wiped Lion off the old drive after reinstalling every thing on the new drive to use the old one for storage, silly me by the sound of it.