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Hi all,


Upon opening iMovie 2013 (v10) for the first time I agreed to run the 'Update Projects and Events' prompt.


In iMovie '11 (v9) I had one event feeding into one project... iMovie 2013 appeared to import the event as I expected and also import the project as a separate event called 'Updated Projects'.


In my haste (and whilst confused as to why a project had been imported as an event) I selected the 'Updated Projects' event and selected 'Move Event to Trash'... does anyone know how I can retrieve this? I've had a look in the iMovie 2013 'package contents' and files relating to the project appear to still be there (soundtracks and images etc) so hopefully all is not lost.


Incidentally, I'd be interested in knowing whether (or why not) iMovie '11 projects cannot be imported as projects into iMovie 2013... this 'Updated Projects' event feels like a bit of a fudge...



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)