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I am trying  to set up my Macbook to use our new HP OfficeJet printer. The computer said "The software for this printer is currently unavailable. Please contact the printer's manufacturer for the latest software." I went to HP's website and downloaded the software and went through the installation process. I got to the Add Printer screen, selected the new printer and clicked on Add. It gave me the same message about the software being unavailable. It is as if it is still trying to get the software from Apple instead of using what I downloaded. How do I get around this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hi CarolSS,


    What I have found that works for this situation, is to plug the printer into your Mac with a USB cable. This is only temporary so that the Apple Updates can go through. Please follow the steps below in order.


    1. Close down all open programs

    2. Restart your Mac

    3. Plug in the USB cable for the printer

    4. Allow all Apple Updates to go through

    5. If you have installed the software already, just try adding the wireless printer in now


    Please let me know the outcome of the troubleshooting.



    I work on behalf of HP

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    It is working now. Thank you! I think the most helpful may have been restarting the computer. (Feeling a little foolish.)