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Please assist. Thanks!

iPhone 4S
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    Please check your settings , you can import them from the SIM Card if they already saved there




    it maybe because of iCloud if u registered there , you will see that contacts are turned off , turn it on and its will sync normaly and never disapper

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    I've turned on contacts in my iCloud everytime that it's happend to me. At one point in time it turned off iCloud syncing on me. So this is not a fix it is only temporary.

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    This also happened to me twice after upgrade to ios7. I think people think that this is about setting. I can tell u that my contacts disappear suddenly under my eyes while i'm using my iphone. All contacts gone by sudden. I check my icloud on pc, luckily all contacts still there. Check back my iphone icloud setting, contacts is "ON". I tried to turn it off and on again then my contacts just came back. Only the custom ringtone was been reset to default. This happen about 3 months ago. THEN, this happened again 2 days ago. Without my noticed, the contacts restore back but i only found it because once again it reset my custom ringtones to default. This time besides my contacts, my calendars also disappeared. I turn it off and on again in icloud setting then just get it back. But in my calendars appear some custom calendars not belong to me. I think icloud is unstable.