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Hello everyone.


I am new to Macs and need some help. I have a very high end HD USB camera that I would like to use to record videos with. I did a view test recordings through Quicktime and was gettin 30fps which is exactly what I wanted. Then I downloaded quicktime broadcaster just to see what it could do and my frames per second got capped at 14. I couldn't figure out how to get the fps back up to 30 so I just decided to factory reset my computer because 30fps is that important to me. After the factory reset the fps are still stuck at 30. I don't know if I need to change a setting or if I need to add a codec or something but I really need to get this figured out.


Any help is greatlu appreciated.


As a side note I dont have to use quicktime for the recording. If there is another program that is quarunteed to get me 30fps I am not against purchasing it.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    Have you looked at iMovie (came bundled with your Mac) or Final Cut Pro X?

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions



    probbiethe1 wrote:


    Hello everyone.


    I am new to Macs . . .  I did a view test recordings through Quicktime and was gettin 30fps which is exactly what I wanted. . . .so I just decided to factory reset my computer because 30fps is that important to me.


    After the factory reset the fps are still stuck at 30.



    As I read your statement it seems to me you're back where you wanted to be - 30fps... In QuickTime  "High" refers to the image quality, not the video frame rate. If you choose "Medium", the image quality will decrease (perhaps imperceptibly) but the frame rate will rise.


    There are reasons/limits to choosing the "best" frame rates. Youve omitted several key pices of information for those attempting to provide help.


    The make of the Camera and it's FPS limits. The software the camera reccomends for recording, if any.


    For most applcations 24 FPS is an industry standard.  Why, or what you expect/desire to accomplish with a higer frame rate is not clear.

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    Depends on whether one is using PAL (29.95 fps) or NTSC (24 fps).

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    Oh man that was my bad. I ment to say still stuck at 14 fps. Thank you for pointing that out.


    The camera can do easily more then 30 fps but that is what we shoot for. There is only a windows program for the camera and I am trying to find a program that will do what we need on Mac. But the first thing I need to figure out is this FPS issue.


    Thank you all for the advice so far

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    Broadcaster works only with: Supported Video Sources

    Digital Video (DV) camera with FireWire output for DV audio and video

    iSight Camera

    FireWire-based analog to DV converters  (e.g. Sony Media Converter)


    So with an MBA you'd need a Thunderbolt to firewire adaptor for that to be of any use... and a camera that supports Firewire.


    If there's an unistaller for Broadcaster use it.


    Have you seen/done the following? Setting Recording Options

    When you first use QuickTime Pro to record video or audio, settings are automatically chosen for you. If you want, you can change settings such as which recording device and format to use, and where recorded movies are stored.

    To change recording options:

    Choose QuickTime Player > Preferences.
    Click Recording (or Audio Recording in Windows).

    Choose the desired options for your video source, microphone, and quality, and then choose a default location to store recorded files.

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    Thank yuo for your input.


    To clear some things up I don't have to use quicktime or quicktime broadcaster. I was just trying to share as uch info about my issue.


    All I need is to figure out how to get my Macbook air to record at 30 frames per second again. I know it is possible because I was doing it before but something changed and now it won't record higher then 14 fps.

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    Was there an uninstall for Broadcaster? Remove the "QT Streaming" folder.



    Generally deleting preferences (.plist file with QuickTime in the name) should reset to defaults.  You could try downloading and installing QuickTime again.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I am just wondering though shouldn't the factory reset have reset everything including the FPS? I will still check for those folders though.


    I did try to uninstall quicktime but its a mac so it can't be. I will try installing quicktime over the one that os already there and see what happmes.


    On a random note I tried a screen capture and the MAC will capture the screen at 30 FPS it just wont capture a camera feed at 30 FPS.

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    If you just reinstalled the OS, no all the User/Library/ Stuff was left untouched - .


    IF you reformatted the Boot Volume, and then started a new user account yes.

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    Yeah I am pretty sure I erased everything through disk utility on the recovery drive first but I am still going to check for those files just to make sure.

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    Have you tried using iMovie to capture the USB video? See the bottom of the article. Seems like this app supports 30fps (I have not used this. Just found it through Google.  I believe there's a free trial or free for home use. If it's shareware and you like it you know what to do to support it's development.


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    I have not tried iMovie but will give it a try. I couldn't find a trial versiob but the 15 bucks isnt a big deal if it can do what I want.


    I would just like some comfirmation that it can record a usb cam feed.


    Or if there are any other ideas out there I could really use them. I was wondering do you guys think haveing the usb camera going through a powered usb hub would up the fps?

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    I think the throughput of USB may be more limiting than firewire/thunderbolt... other limits of course the CCD of the camera and CPU /RAM of the computer along with the programming of the capture app.


    I think iPhoto may also do live (direct) capture from a camera but I don't know if it is optimized for video.

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    I have continued working on this and no matter what program I try the fps will never go higher then 14.


    I really think it is a system setting but I am not sure how to change that.

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