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I am about to get a new MacPro.  I need to consolidate my iMovie content from Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion all onto one external HD.  Where do I look for the files I need to back up, what files do I need and is there any APP that  will assist me in consolidating them into the new iMovie in Mavericks?

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    Presumably you have been using iMovie 9. 


    First you should consolidate your media from within iMovie 9 on the hard drive it is on now so that the iMovie events and projects folders have copies of everything you need and no links which will break when you move it to another disk.   See:




    You can then copy the folders to the root level of your external hard drive.


    When you connect this hard drive to your mac Pro (I'm jealous!), imovie 10 should 'see' the folders and offer to update your projects and events to an imovie 10 library.  See:




    If you have a lot of projects and media it may be best not to update everything at once but in stages.  Each update session will go into a different library.    I can explain further if necessary.



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    Dear Geoff,


    Will iMove projects work well with all content living on external drives?  Owing to limited on-board storage all of my iPhoto, iMovie, LightRoom X and Photoshot data will live outside.  Only OS and Apps on the machine.

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    Yes it will work fine provided you have a reasonably fast HD and interface (720 rpm, firewire 800 or USB 3).  Most serious imovie (and FCP) users put all their media on external drives.