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I'd like an easily accessible app that would enable me to jot down notes AND to paste things that I've copied. I used "stickies" for this for more than a year, but it takes too long.  Ideally, I would like an app that is stationed in my menu bar. One click would bring it forth for eirther of these jobs. I've downloaded a number of apps for this purpose but am invariably disappointed to find that none of them serve both functions. Most of them fail in the pasting part. Currently, I'm using TextEdit for these purposes, but using it takes much too much time. Aren't there apps that will do what I want?

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    "NOTES" does it. I recently spent 80-minutes with an Apple Care technician/advisor fixing  a problem I had with Safari. During the course of our coversation, I asked him the question I asked here. He immediatey told me about the program that comes with the Mac, and it does the trick. With "Notes" you can type notes, or you can paste things. It also meets my final requirement: it's easily accessible since it resides in the dock. Perfect.