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I cannot empty this trash file: Tiếng Việt.html


Can't change the name. Can't use the usual Terminal command to delete persistent files. Can't delete or change the ending ".html".

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    On what Mac running what version of OS X?

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    Classic Mac OS

    Why don't you cut & paste what you see in the terminal. Use the question mark for any special character.  Use rm -i


    If you do not understand terminal, you best avoid it.


    Macintosh-HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

    # Press return to run a command.


    me $ ls de?ktop?lipped.png


    me $ rm -i  de?ktop?lipped.png

    rm: remove regular file ‘desktopclipped.png’? n

    me $



    should be able to delete the file from single user mode.

    You need to get into single use mode for steps one and two that are listed below.

    This page will tell you how to get into single user mode.



    Basically, you hold down the command + s key then  powering on your machine. The command key has a little apple symbol on the lower left. It is between the alt/option key and the space bar. On a PC keyboard, it will be the windows key, I think.


    ( Do you know Unix. You are in a Unix single user console. )  The setup commands you need should be listed on the screen.  For Mac OS 10.4.11, the commands are:


    # Type the follow two instructions to access the startup disk in read/write.


    # check out the filesystem.

    # ( in case of partial success repeat this command until errors go away. )

    /sbin/fsck -fy


    # Gain read / write access to your startup drive

    /sbin/mount -uw /

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    ZHMMY wrote:


    I cannot empty this trash file: Tiếng Việt.html


    Where did you get it?  Sounds like it may be in the wrong normalization form and thus an illegal file name.  Are you really still running 10.4?