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I have a strange problem with bonjour / airplay . The problem is that I only work if both devices are connected by wifi. If one of them is by ethernet no longer works. I explain my situation.



- I have a iMac connected via ethernet and canon printer connected to my router via wifi . Both , of course under the direction 192.168.1.xx.



- If I try to add my printer to imac being in these conditions , the operating system does not recognize my printer and I can not add .



- However, if I change the ethernet connection to wifi iMac , the detected immediately and I can work with it.



As data, I know the problem I have it on the router, as previously ONO had one that worked correctly in the past two weeks and switched to fiber optic movistar and I put a Comtrend 5813 . Since then I does not work.



I've tried different settings on the router but nothing, just keeps happening .



Any tips ? Someone who can give me technical data bonjour / airplay to review the configuration of the router?



Thank you very much to all!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)