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I want to buy an Apple tv to replace one of our Roku boxes, but it will be wothless to me if I can't watch Acorn tv.

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    if it's on the list



    yes otherwise no

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    The answer is "no" so I'll be staying with Roku unless Apple adds Acorn. 

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    The Acorn TV FAQ page (http://acornonline.com/Acorn-TV-FAQ-for-Facebook/a/acorntv-faq-facebook/) says that you can watch Acorn TV on your Apple TV by using Airplay and streaming the content from your iOS device.

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    Yes you can airplay to your Apple TV,  however be aware. I just down loaded the Acorn TV app on my i-pad and i-phone (4s) to stream to my Apple TV (2nd one just bought a month ago). One hour into the first show my entire system locked up. I tried exiting the Acorn app from my i-pad but could not. Instead I started to get a rapid set of on/off sets of the Acorn app and shut down the i-pad. I thought it was just the i-pad, so I attempted to launch the app from my i-phone. The same thing happened and my i-phone went crazy. I tried a restart of my Apple TV but when completed the Apple TV menu wouldn't come up. I then tried a complete reset of my Apple TV and it just bricked. I then went to my brand i-mac 10.9.4 and found my airport extreme had also locked up. I ended up shutting down my entire system and deleting the apps from all my devices. I don't like that type of lateral shut down. I'm concerned about the security of my system. If anyone else has experienced this and thinks I can just chill about the whole thing please help to put my mind at ease.

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    For months I Have streamed acorn tv successfully from my iPad to Apple TV by going to the acorn tv website and then using airplay.  The new Acorn app has not worked well for streaming to Apple TV, crashes, locks up my iPad --so I have gone back to logging on to the website through safari.  wish apple would have an acorn tv channel...

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    I stream Acorn via the Acorn TV site. Acorn app has not worked for me.


    I'm considering getting a Roku box so I stream Acorn and MhZ directly.

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    Apple needs to add Acorn TV to Apple TV. I only purchase Roku's now so I can easily stream Acorn TV.

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    I subscribed to Acorn about 6 weeks ago.  I have had no problems streaming via AirPlay to Apple TV via my iPad 2 or iPhone 6 using the app.  My only complaint is that the app does not display well on the phone - graphics are too large and it is cumbersome to scroll through the lists.  All ios devices have latest updates


    I have tried using Safari or Chrome on the ios devices, but the app works cleanly and it is quicker to access.


    I occasionally access Acorn on my desktop PC and laptop using Chrome as the browser, again with no issues.


    Great programming on Acorn, especially if you love the Brit mysteries.  Also some good stuff from Australia too.   Well worth the $5 per month.

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    Yes, if they want me to purchase the apple tv then they need to add acorn tv otherwise I'm sticking with Roku.  the other problem is the list for other channels we can play in Canada with apple tv is extremely small so this is not good.  Apple, please give us more choice in Canada and I will get Apple tv.

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    I have tried this and as others mentioned, Apple TV does not handle the Acorn to Airplay very well   It constantly buffers or entirely stops playing.   Some Smart TV's are supposed to include Acorn on their Apps -  so far I have not seen it and I have two different brands of Smart TVs   

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    I've had Apple TV for a number of years now. I am able to view Acorn TV to which I subscribe via Airplay. Yesterday I went to an Apple store and asked what was new or different in Apple TV today. The support person showed me that the App Store is accessible from the menu. She also showed me a search screen where she entered "Acorn" and the ACORN TV symbol appeared in the list. To make it work, would assume that I would have to link it to my ACORN subscription but she seemed to say that she was not working with a live connected system - just a display model - so she couldn't get it set up. So - I can't say for certain that it really would work with the latest Apple TV. It is certainly not worth my while to buy another APPLE TV. It should be fairly simple for Apple to enable something similar for the older versions of Apple TV.

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    None of the previous ATV generations have App Store access. tvOS/App Store were introduced on the ATV4 and no expectations that the new OS will be available to the older models.  The ATV 2&3 "channels" (as they were referred on the older models or "apps" on the new ATV4) available are those that are listed on the link above...

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    Just announced this week:

    "Acorn TV is now available on Apple TV....The niche SVOD service teamed with over-the-top provider Qello, which operates a streaming service with a collection of concerts and music documentaries, to develop Acorn TV’s app for the fourth-generation Apple TV. In addition, Qello created an updated iOS app for Acorn TV that delivers in-app purchasing and improved support for streaming to older Apple TVs via AirPlay. (Purchased through Apple’s App Store, Acorn TV is $6.99 per month.)"

    So,,,,Apparently, you need to get the latest Apple TV to do this streaming directly. But the problems with airplay might be improved with the Updated IOS App. I haven't had that many problems using Airplay - but will check out the new version of the app.