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My phone was almost out of juice yesterday afternoon and I did not have my AC Charger.  I plugged it into the USB port on my PC and continued to try and work and Itunes popped up saying there was an update available etc.  Updated it to the iOS 7 when it first came out but figured Ok Microsoft's updates all of the time so why not. followed the prompts to back up to iCloud, went through all of the ridiculous updating infomration, Credit Card on file etc.  But when it was done my phone was stuck in RESTORE mode.   I have tried every button pushing fix on the web.  This is so frustrating.  My phone worked perfect until IAPPLE/ITUNES got a hold of it.  Never had a Microsoft's update ruin my entire computer. 


I took it to the local tech center today and they told me I was just f'd and offered to sell me a new phone or charge me $200 for a warranty replacement.  Said that all of the water thingies or whatever were tripped or something like that.  3 months ago someone spilt their coffee on the table and it got slightly wet.  It did go out for a few hours but has been up and running perfectly, absolutely perfectly for over 3 months now.  That is until I plugged it into the dang ITUNES thing.  I am NOT going to pay for a new iPhone.  Apple jacked it up, Apple needs to fix it.  It is obvious that this is happening everywhere to all types of phones, iPads etc.  It is all over the web. 


Does anyone have any solutions here?????????????????

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    Apple jacked it up? No. It got "jacked up" when it got wet. That likely did permanent damage to the phone that didn't become apparent until you tried updating it. It's likely been slowly corroding for months. Heck, it's likely it would have failed completely whether you'd tried to update it or not at some point in the near future.


    Pay for the out of warranty replacement or go buy something else. We honestly don't care which you do.

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    Funny it had updated the entire iOS after it got wet and it was merely weeks after the coffee incident.  Why would it suddenly be the water damage THIS time.  Hardware worked fine until it tried to update yesterday.  I can find endless  internet posts exactly like this one from others that have NEVER gotten the slightest bit wet.  The phone is less than a year old so it is NOT out of warranty.  BUT they are telling me because it got wet they will NOT replace it.  Sounds like an excuse to me.  

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    No. It's not an excuse. You got it wet. You voided the warranty. Just like if you drove you car into a lake, the damage would not be covered by the warranty. If you want to know why the water damage could be a factor this time when it wasn't a few weeks ago, take a remedial chemistry class at your local community college.

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    I believe this is supposed to be a support forum.  No, I did not get very wet at all.  Someone spilt their coffee on the table it was laying on.  IT seriously BARELY got anyhing on it at all and I was honestly SHOCKED that the tiny little bit would cause it to go out at all.  It wasn't like it was dunked or soaked in anything.  I don't need a Chemistry class you need to learn some MANNERS.  If you cannot give any advice on how to get it out of the RESTORE mode there is NO NEED for you to post.  Seriously sad that a SUPPORT forum allows someone like you to post to begin with.  Question is???????? do you know how to get it out of the RESTORE mode.  If not, tie up someone elses post because no one is interested in your nasy rude comments.

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    It is a technical support forum. We're not here to hold your hand when all you seem to want to do is rant and whine about how Apple wants to charge you (much less than you would have to pay for a new phone) for a replacement after it ws damaged in a way that voids the warranty.




    You got your answer from Apple. You got your answer here. Whining about it because you don't like it is not going to alter reality.

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    By the way... RE:


    AnjieAllen wrote:


    IT seriously BARELY got anyhing on it at all and I was honestly SHOCKED that the tiny little bit would cause it to go out at all.  It wasn't like it was dunked or soaked in anything

    Water and electricity don't mix. In ANY quantity. A little bit wet can be just as damaging as fully submerged.


    Just like there is no such thing as a woman who is "a little bit pregnant". She either is or she isn't.

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    And APPLE Sir, has not said anything yet.  It was the Sprint Store tech trying to talk me into buying a new phone and changing my plan.

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    Apple doesn't say anything here

    This a user to User forum ,no Apple staff here

    If you want to shout at Apple go to an Apple Store and best of luck

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    If they saw the moisture sensors tripped, so will Apple. And Apple will charge exactly the same for an out of warranty replacement. $199.

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    Same thing with Me

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    AnjieAllen, shrug off the critic. As you said, you are not alone with this problem and I doubt it was caused by delayed damge from the coffee spill. As a matter of fact, the software update ruined my iphone 4s and after spending two days trying to fix it, including a trip to the Apple Store, searching for online tricks, and contacting Apple support, I gave up and bought a brand new iphone 5s. When I set it up the new iPhone and updated to the latest software, thinking what are the chances this would happen again to my brand new iphone. Well, it did!


    So now I have two iphones stuck in recovery mode and nothing works to get them out of recovery mode. I have spent two and a half hours this afternoon online chatting with Apple support and they can not figure it out either. The fact is, Apple released software that has rendered their products useless and likely resulted in the loss of priceless data belonging to their customers. I hope we see an acknowledgement from Apple about this problem and what they intend to do to compensate and/or assist customers.

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    my story is that my grandson updated my wife's iphone 4s and added the i lost my iphone feature without my knowledge. because of the update and some other problems I decided to restore the iphone. after that I was locked out as if I stole my own phone. I contacted Apple support and it is like gm and toyota with the recalls that they should have fixed and they think that their brand can withstand such whiney little complaints. I know the right winger fan boys out there will say you should have known about this but I did not and there are going to be millions that will not know. Now is the time for Apple to do something or Samsung and many others who are gaining market share will destroy Apple. Laugh now Apple but watch as this unfolds to such an extent that it cannot be controlled. Your customer service cannot withstand the abuse that they are about to receive from millions of customers who do not need this kind of treatment. Luke