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My phone was almost out of juice yesterday afternoon and I did not have my AC Charger.  I plugged it into the USB port on my PC and continued to try and work and Itunes popped up saying there was an update available etc.  Updated it to the iOS 7 when it first came out but figured Ok Microsoft's updates all of the time so why not. followed the prompts to back up to iCloud, went through all of the ridiculous updating infomration, Credit Card on file etc.  But when it was done my phone was stuck in RESTORE mode.   I have tried every button pushing fix on the web.  This is so frustrating.  My phone worked perfect until IAPPLE/ITUNES got a hold of it.  Never had a Microsoft's update ruin my entire computer. 


I took it to the local tech center today and they told me I was just f'd and offered to sell me a new phone or charge me $200 for a warranty replacement.  Said that all of the water thingies or whatever were tripped or something like that.  3 months ago someone spilt their coffee on the table and it got slightly wet.  It did go out for a few hours but has been up and running perfectly, absolutely perfectly for over 3 months now.  That is until I plugged it into the dang ITUNES thing.  I am NOT going to pay for a new iPhone.  Apple jacked it up, Apple needs to fix it.  It is obvious that this is happening everywhere to all types of phones, iPads etc.  It is all over the web. 


Does anyone have any solutions here?????????????????

iPhone 4S, iOS 7