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I have two problems in the new Garageband... actually three!!!


First: where are the voice effects?? I used to have a "female rock" - "Male rock" - "epic diva" and so on, to choose from, now I have some really dull (very few) effects... are they gone?


Two: If I load a long track, and devide it, cut it, and delete the end part - when I export it, it exports EVERYTHING, also the time I cut out! - now just a long silent bit in the end.... my way around it has been to then import it to Quicktime, and edit it there, but that can't be right!?


Three: How do I make an orange track purple? - before you could hit ctrl+alt+G and then space, and it was purple (blue) - what do you do now??


Really wish I never updated...

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Garageband fall out
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    Really wish I never updated...

    I hope, you did not delete GarageBand '11 after you updated. The update does not delete it, but moves it to a folder GarageBand 6.0.5 in the applications folder. You can still use it, even with GarageBand 10.0 installed.


    Have you downloaded the additional GarageBand 10.0 contents? You should be able to download it for free, since you already owned GarageBand:  see   Expanding GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) content with an in-app purchase



    You should find the GarageBand '11 vocals in the "Legacy" section of the Inspector panel:  Go to "Legacy > GarageBand > Vocals".  Or enter ""Epic Diva" or similar into the search field.


    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 20.21.23GMT+1.png

    Two:   adjust the end of song marker or use the cycle region to mark the part of the song you want to export.


    Three: afaik, there is no longer a way to turn an orange region purple in GarageBand 10.0.

    But you can change the timing and pitch for a region, if you enable "Flex" for the track and "Follow Tempo and pitch" for the region.

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    Thank you very much!!! - SOOO great to be able to open the old version of garageband!!!!


    I can't seem to find the "legacy" button? - my garageband looks like this, (bibliotek is the danish word for libary) - nothing comes up if I write leagcy or "epic diva" - what am I doing wrong? legacy.png

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    "Legacy"  is "Ældre"  in your language settings - I just checked:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 20.58.47CET.png

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    I'm affraid to come of stupid here - but I wrote "ældre" but only get "garageband settings" and then "guitar track" - under that, "classic blues" or "clean Combo" - no voices! and no "garageband" - just the settings? - where on earth do you find that neat window you have there??

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    here you see what I can come up with...



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    And if you can - tell me how to make the song end, where I cut it... as you see, the line for the fade down, continues the full 8.20... so my song, when I export it, is that long, even though the music stopped already after 1.40!



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    Are you seeing the vocal effects still, when you are using GargeBand '11?


    And have you installed all missing content? Use the menu item "Gendan køb"

    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 21.20.06CET.png

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    I've got everything in the old version! thanks to you, I can now work! - but still beats me, that I can't find anything in the new garageband! - the effects are gone, and I still can't end a song, after fading it! - it's so strange, and really anoying, when they change stuff, and you have to guess where to find it!

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    and I still can't end a song, after fading it!

    Use the zoom slider to zoom out all the way, so you can see the end of song marker. That is a really tiny triangle, and a corner will peep out behind the zoom controls:  Shift the triangle to the left, to the end of your song.


    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 21.27.03CET.png


    I've got everything in the old version! thanks to you, I can now work!

    That is good, than the instruments are still installed and GarageBand should find them.


    Use the "Gendan køb" command I have shown you above to activate the old GarageBand content:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 21.20.06CET.png

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    I'm installing now! - and THANK YOU!!!!! for the tip on how to end the project!!!  - how did you know that??? - I'd never found it on my own... thank you sooo much for your time!!!

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    You are welcome.   Ingen årsag.


    Good luck for the download. It may take a long time.


    how did you know that??? - I'd never found it on my own..

    I searched for a long time.  It must have been somewhere.


    Apple has not yet released GarageBand tutorials for GarageBand 10.0. There is only the built-in Help, see:  http://help.apple.com/garageband/mac/10.0/



    The Bullets&Bones FAQ has a few nice videos,  see: http://www.bulletsandbones.com/GB/GBFAQ.html




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    Ha ha ha! You are good! - well, "det var sødt af dig, at hjælpe mig!"


    I'm done in 13 mins. REALLY hope to get it all - I'll wirte you if it doesn't work!


    All the best from Mette.

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    When I click on Gendan Kob (Restore Purchase) it tells me there is no purchase to restore :/ I'm having the same problem as Mibbedib. I have the old garageband (6.0.5) in a folder called garageband in apps...Where is my epic diiiva!?? So frustrated

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    Have you tried to type "Epic Diva" into the search field?  It will only show, if you have a real audio track selected.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 17.13.00EDT.png