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Ok so ive decided i need to install windows onto my mac, to use software important for my university studies, and have opted to use the boot camp method.


I started by purchasing and downloading windows 8 directly onto my mac book pro, and as such, have a file called 'windowssetupbox.exe' in my downloads.


i have attempted to follow the instructions to use bootcamp, however it doesnt seem to work. When i first attempted it, all that happened what that i downloaded the suport software onto a usb, so i now have a usb with the support software on it (i think) however this has since been erased, and when i try anything else (involving iso images for example), i cant get it to work. Firstly i dont know what an iso image is, (i presumed it to be the .exe file i downloaded), but i dont seem to get anywhere. Could anyone guide me in the right direction as to how to go about this. I feel like i need to start from scratch but im not really sure what im doing.


MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), iOS 7.0.6
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    You have to run the setup file on a Windows machine. If you want 64 bit Windows then you must run the setup on a 64 bit Windows machine.

    Once the download is finished (about 3GB if I remember correctly) you will get the option to create install media.

    Select that then check the box for creating an iso file.

    Move that iso file to your Mac then start Bootcamp Assistant and point it to that iso file. You'll also need to download the support software again if you've deleted it.

    You'll need a 8GB USB stick to put everything on.