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I have about six AppleScripts that are triggered by Calendar Alarms. For each they were created in Automator using the canned Utility "RunApplescript" and pasting in the appropriate script. I then place them in the correct day/time and set up the repeat pattern. They are stored in




This works flawlessly and never fails until, there is a OS system update like 10.9.2


After this update and previous updates the Calendar Alarms no longer trigger the AppleScripts.


The solution is to go back to Automator and create them all again with different names.


Does anyone know why these Alarms don't trigger after an OS update? Please no guessing.

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I know I'm not helping, but I have the same problem - only with about 30 alerts that need to be recreated. 

    The alerrts stay on the calendar but they don't trigger the automator apps to run.

    As of this last update, I exported the calendar.  If it happens again, I'll try importing back in - hopefuly that will make the fix less painful, but I'm not sure it will work.


    By the way, I don't recreate them with new names, I duplicate them and resave them with the same names.

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    I think (?) I tried that once and it didn't work. If you have better luck post back.

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    Latest update to 10.9.3. After this update and as with previous updates the Calendar Alarms no longer trigger the AppleScripts. The solution is to go back to Automator and create them all again.


    This is a huge pain; it appears that while this bug has been around since 10.9.0 Apple has little interest in fixing it. More focus on the "consumer" user and little on the "hardcore" user.

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    here you go, twelve bucks and you never have to worry about this nonsense again...


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    Not a solution for me.

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    Calendar alarms have been a mainstay of my business for years.  With every major system update (and now even with minor updates), apple finds a way to do what they always do - release an update without testing them so that things just stop working.  I use the alarms to trigger Automator scripts for final cut pro satellite captures for my television marketing business.  I was stupid enough to trust apple a couple of weeks ago and clicked the update button only to find the more than 30 different alarms worthless.  I'm sure there will be a solution to this, but what I have done is popped another hard drive in my MacPro and re-installed Lion; this gives me back my old calendar functions (not to mention many features on other applications which apple keeps eliminating with each upgrade). 


    Word to the wise, when Apple's system update asks you to update, never, ever update.  I actually think agreeing to the sloppy, sloppy work that apple's careless update team creates carries far more risk than the security risks a lot of these updates are supposed to be eliminating.


    One solution I am trying to is a program that MacUpdate just made available called Arise.  We'll see -- meanwhile here's another full day of productivity loss thanks to apple's upgrade crew.  Have these update writers ever really used a Mac?