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Apologies if this has been posted before...i saw a couple of other posts with similar problems but mines slightly different


My girlfriend went to update her iphone 5 as normal. When she did this, it popped up with a screen showing the itunes logo and the charger wire connecting to it, basically asking to be connected to itunes.


So she plugged it into my macbook (she doesn't have her own) and it asked to restore it but then said everything (contacts, texts, pictures) etc would be put back on, so we went ahead with it.


After an hour of this processing and doing something a few times with no options for us to click anything apart from continue, my girlfriends phone is now as if new - no contats, no numbers, no texts, no photo's, no nothing.


She tried to log into her instagram account which one of the very few apps left on there and it said it needed an upgrade. So she tried to upgrade that and it shows my appleid (from my itunes/  macbook etc) so she can't download it.


On itunes the only back ups available are ones from the day when she bought it, so hence why they have been reset to having nothing on her phone.



Apologies for the long winded message, but any help any one can give will be great appreciated.

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