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    Now 11.1.3 has the problem


    Don't know why. I think sync with outlook is not apple big point. so ......

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    Now 11.1.3 has the problem


    Even though you've uninstalled your Eset product, it might be worth checking to see if the environmental variable is still lurking on your system. Check as per Samoreen's instructions. If the Eset variable is there, and you delete the variable, and then reboot the PC, do you get your sync back?

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    Thanks for your advice.


    But I do not find the ESET_OPTIONS in my environment variables.


    Just we cannot diagnostics the problem.


    When I hit Diagnostics in iTunes help menu, it crashed.

  • b noir Level 9 (72,060 points)

    When I hit Diagnostics in iTunes help menu, it crashed.


    Doublechecking ... does iTunes also hang if you try going "Edit > Preferences"?

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    Nope, Preferences works fine and I have tried reset sync history.

    To be precisely, when I click Next in Diagnostics it hang and crashes.


    My version now is 11.1.3

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    I was able to solve my problem by going back to version 1 --  v11.1.1.11.


    I first encountered the problem with the current version .5, then tried .4, .3, .2, and finally .1.


    Use my instructions on the previous page my ** UPDATE 3 ** post to see if going back to  version 1 fixes the problem.

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    Thanks a lot. But I did not make it. Version 11.1.1 is not working for me.


    I think I need to reinstall my windows.

    Of cource no third-party anti-virus will be installed.

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    Did you follow all of the instructions in my ** UPDATE 3 ** section, including uninstalling iTunes and all of the associated Apple software?  If you do, it should work.


    I would NEVER suggest going without antivirus software.


    I am afraid a Windows reinstall might not fix your problem and that would be a lot of effort to not be successful.

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    I had a lot of problems with this and spent two hours with high level Apple support, to no avail. Syncing would hang at preparing to sync, or syncing calendars, and go no further.


    We reset sync history, completely uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, totally restored my device, restarted the mobile sync services, and so on. Nothing fixed the problem. iTunes refused to sync with Outlook.


    I also use Eset Smart Security, but I did nothing with that, since it worked fine with earlier versions of iTunes.


    After sleeping on this, fretting that the days of syncing my Outlook calendar were behind me and I would have to rely on iCloud (ugh), I finally solved the problem myself by doing all of the steps below (and unfortunately I had to redo them all after Patch Tuesday rebooted my computer last night, but in the end it takes only a few minutes).


    I am not sure which of these steps is essential, but none is particularly difficult, so no harm in doing them all  :


    Close iTunes.

    Do a hard reset on the device (not a restore!).

    Go to Start> Services and stop and restart Apple Mobile Device (highlight and right click on it, so these options appear).


    Go to Control Panel> Programs and Features.


    Then find the following three programs, and for each one highlight, right click and choose Repair:


    Apple Application Support

    Apple Mobile Device Support



    Restart iTunes, attach iPhone.


    Worked for me....




    Windows 7 64 bit


    iPhone 5s and iPad Mini both running iOs 7.1

    Oulook 2007

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    This works! Thanks so much!!!

  • Calisson Level 1 (5 points)

    Great, chingmun! You might have to do it all over again at the next re-boot....

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    I've got an iPhone 4s and had same problem with iTunes sync hanging on Outlook 2010 Calendars with both iTunes versions 11.1.3.x and not

    I tried the full uninstall /re-install of iTunes as recommended with both versions with no luck.


    Reinstalled and now everything is working! Yay!

    Also seem to work with IOS 7.1, as least so far.

    Among the 7.1 fixes - it is suppose to have a number of enhancements for the 4s.  I hope so because the battery life under 7.1 is less that a 1/3 of what I had in 6.x.  Also hopefully the new 7.1 update will make my iPhone stop immating Windows Vista with all the intrusive misplaced security handling.


    Going forward I will need a really solid reason to upgrade itunes in the future - I can't risk revisiting the headaches and loss of productivity yet again.

    So it looks like I'm staying with this version of iTunes till I get upgrade my phone.

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    Calisson-But don't I loose all my Ipod data if I do a hard reset?

    I am having a similiar problem.  It was working fine two days ago but now I can't sync my IPod Touch 4 with my Outlook 2010.  I am running Windows 7.  It starts to sync...getso notes sometimes, other time to just contacts, and then hangs.  Then, I can't open my Outlook program until I go into Task Manager and close out*32 and sometimes ITunes Helper.


    I afraid to do a hard reset and loose everthing on my IPod apps, and other data...thoughts?

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    A hard RESET is like rebooting your computer--you do not normally lose any data at all.


    A RESTORE, on the other hand, does erase all data. Do not do that in this situation!


    To do a hard reset in the iPhone you hold the power button and the home button down at the same time till the screen goes black and the white Apple logo appears. I believe it is the same procedure with an iPd Touch.

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    Thank you Calisson.  I decided to first uninstall ITunes and then re-install it to see if that would fix things before I reset my IPod. 

    Thank goodness, that worked.  All is working fine now between the newely installed Itunes and my Ipod Touch.

    Thank you however for your response.


    Windows 7

    Outlook 2010

    Ipod Touch 4