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I am trying to update iTunes and after the update I get the error message:  the procedure entry point avcfplayerappliesmediaselectioncriteriaautomaticallykey could not be located in the dynamic link library avfoundationCF.dll how do I fix this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    That one can be produced if you have an older version of Apple Application Support on the PC than is required by your current iTunes version. (The required version of Apple Application Support is included in the standard iTunes installers, but for some reason it hasn't been updating properly for some folks, for iTunes version and possibly


    Let's try updating your Apple Application Support to version 3.0.1 by doing a standalone Apple Application Support install.


    Download and save a copy of the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64setup.exe) installer file to your hard drive:




    Download and install the free trial version of WinRAR:




    Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64Setup.exe), and select "Extract to iTunesSetup" (or "Extract to iTunes64Setup"). WinRAR will expand the contents of the file into a folder called "iTunesSetup" (or "iTunes64Setup").


    Go into the folder and doubleclick the AppleApplicationSupport.msi to do a standalone AAS install.


    Does it install properly for you? If so, can you launch iTunes without the error now?


    If instead you get an error message during the install, let us know what it says. (Precise text, please.)

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    When I right click on the itunes64setup.exe I do not get anything that says extract.  The menu that appears says:



    Run as administrator

    Troubleshoot compatibility

    Spybot search and destroy

    Share with

    Norton antivirus

    Scan with malware bytes

    Restore previous versions

    Send to



    Create short cut



    Norton file insight


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    Okay. Instead try launching WinRAR. In WinRAR, browse to the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64Setup.exe) you downloaded, select the file, and click "Extract to".