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My Mac Mini updated itself to Mavericks 10.9.2 now recording drops out in GB after 10 bars or so. I'm using the internal sound.

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Using the internal inputs,
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    Are you using the latest GarageBand (10.0.1)?


    Did you allow GarageBand to update its data files (about 1GB) when you did the update?  Did it do something like a rebuild of its data structures when you first opened the updated version?

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    Thanks sberman! The GB version is 10.0.1. Is there a way to request a GB data file update? There weren't any requests denied during the update.


    Last night ran activity monitor, disn't see anything that seemed to be gobbling resources, went back to GB recorded a track with no issues. Had a friend over tonight, got 10 bars into a song, recording 2 tracks and had the dropout. Restarted, re-recorded 2 tracks go to 20 bars or so and dropout.


    Have the bit depth at 24 and have the rate at 48 I'm pretty sure. I don't think internal (line in)  samples any quicker.


    I'm an Apple newbie and certainly did not expect this! I had buffer size control with WIN XP and with little tweaking would only get a dropout if a disk scan or virus scan decided to steal rescources.


    Is there a way to try a different buffer size?

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    You can try deleting the preferences file as detailed here under "Delete the user preferences":



    If you cannot find the library folder in Finder, you can locate it by holding the option key down as you press "Go" in the menu bar.

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    Thanks again sberman! Deleted the files, restarted and recorded 2 tracks, no glitches, 120 bars. Sure hope this works!

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    Outstanding!  Glad to hear it.


    Enjoy your Apple gear.