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After a long, long time spent figuring out how to successfully install Windows 8.1 on my macbook retina, I'm still encountering problems post installation...




Whenever Windows has to download anything, the screen gets really buggy. When I download large files, or my internet is much slower than usual, my computer screen starts to spaz out. The entire screen doesn't freak out but it does in sections, not really sure how to describe it except that I can still see everything going on just there is glitching everywhere.


This problem is not seen on my TV when I mirror the screen through my HDMI cable, but still persists on the actual laptop screen.


Also, when I load youtube videos completely then turn WiFi off the problem immediately goes away. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is going on and I've been searching up and down forums looking for someone with a similar problem.


I'm not really sure if I need to download certain missing files for bootcamp or what at this point...

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Windows 8
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    Also its a macbook retina late 2012, 8 GB ram...

    I have a feeling it has something to do with screen refresh rate? but in windows settings it doesnt allow me to change it...

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    Everything is fine under OSX?


    If so, I'd reinstall the boot camp drivers and restart the machine a few times.



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    Everything is fine in OSX, I reinstalled the drivers, even reinstalled windows itself to no avail. Could it be something to do with the graphics card not syncing up well with windows? If so how can I change it? It seems most of the defaut settings are the only ones to choose from..

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    Heres a short clip of whats going on, im playing a youtube video and its going nuts. I just found this out so I would assume it implies some sort of hardware issue??

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    If you


    can watch the same videos on OSX with no issue


    have already "clean" reinstalled Windows (not repair, but a true delete boot camp partition and restart)


    have already installed the latest Nvidia drivers directly from their support site (I'm assuming you have the GT 650m?)


    then I am at a loss. My last suggestion is to download the latest Adobe flash and restart the machine and test again.


    It does seem like a Windows specific issue but you would think a LOT more people would be seeing this issue. I have 8.1 installed on both 2012 and 2013 rMBP and definitely do not have this issue.