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A few nights ago, I was woken by the sound of my iPhone 5 hitting my carpet floor. In the morning I noticed that my phone wouldn't turn on, so I connects it to my charger. I was surprised when it the apple logo immediately appeared, then 3 seconds later it shut off. It came back on 3 seconds later, then shut back off. It only does this when on a charger. When not connected, it doesn't start at all. I have tried to restore it at least 15 times, getting different errors each time. (11,12, device not found, etc.) I would rather solve this at home instead of at a Genius Bar. At the moment, it is rebooting and shutting off and repeating.

iPhone 5
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    I had the same problem.

    When it was restoring, it needed to reinstall all the apps, so for almost every single app reinstallation, the unit was shutting down and back up.

    now it seems better, but it doesn't give me the correct abount of battery charged.