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People keep needing this. So I'm re-posting instructions on how to re-upload your runs that have not posted to your Nike+ web-site. Hopefully, the subject line on this will make it easier for people to find when they are browsing for help.

Quoted from my previous threads:

"Since Nike+ says they are not working on allowing re-uploading, I decided to help myself if I could. It worked. So I will share what I did. However, I have taught computers and have been amazed by the ingenuity of inexperienced users. Amazed at what can go wrong! If anyone wants to try this, they do so at their own risk. I am only reporting what I did to fix my problem. I am NOT telling anyone to try it. Just the opposite.

That said, here goes:

Make sure your Mac shows your file extensions. (If you don't even know what those are don't go any further.)

(Not sure if the next bit is necessary but it's what I did because I did not want ANY auto linking to happen! )
Connect your Nano to your computer. Go to Ipod options and UNCHECK the the box for the auto upload to Nike+. Also unckeck the box for auto opening itunes when Ipod is connected. Close itunes. Disconnect Ipod then reconnect.

Use this application "Visibles" http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/mac/14722 to make the invisible files visible then go from there.


1. Open ipod as a storage device. (Ipod_Control is a hidden fiolder, so you need to make it Visible before you can do any of this. See above!

2. Look for the folders
Ipod_Control >Device>Trainer>Workouts>Empeds>4H626KXBVSX>Synched
( I archived the Workouts folder and stored it on my hard-drive, just as a back-up.)

3. Find the .xml files ( looks like 2006.... blah, blah.xml) that are missing from your Nike+ account. Drag them back to the folder "Latest"

4. Open itunes and see if ipod is showing there. if not, eject ipod (if it's still showing as storage device), then disconnect and reconnect.

6. Ipod should show in itunes. Go to ipod options and check the auto uploud to Nike+ box. (Contrary to what it says on Apple's help page, there is no manual upload option.) Click OK.

7. The upload of your missing runs should then happen. (Mine did.)

8. You should get asked if you want to go to Nike+. You should see your missing runs when you get there.

Hope this helps. "

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