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How can I know when the warranty expires on a magic trackpad, without opening it´s box? I don´t have the  invoice. Thanks

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    Where did you get it from.   I understand that Apple no longer register items other than iMacs and the warranty / service element depends on the invoice.   See the document link below.


    Do I need to register Apple accessories with my AppleCare agreement?


    With an invoice you can prove the date of purchase and thereby establish when the 12 month warranty period expires.   So why do you not have an invoice.

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    Thanks , I´m from South America. I´ve bought it in a site like your e-bay. The seller told me that he had lost the invoice. And before open the box, I really want to know when the warranty expires.

    He told me that the year warranty  begins after you connect the trackpad the computer, is that true? No when he boughtt it... I dont know if it´s true. That´s why I don´t want to open the box, an that´s why I´m asking this. I hope you can understand me...Thank you again.

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    Yes, I understand you but I'm afraid I cannot be very encouraging.  As it is no longer necessary to register trackpads, without an invoice I cannot see how a start date for the warranty can begin.


    That it was bought on eBay only adds doubt to the matter.  I suspect you can only use it at your risk ... and with no guarantee.