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Hello, I just pulled a hard drive out of my Ibook g4 with a 1064 mhz processor and put it into an Ibook with a 1.2 mhz processor for just a little extra speed. For some reason the Ibook I put my hdd in will not detect wireless networks like the old one. How can I fix this?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Unfortunately most wireless networks are now 802.11n.   Unless you set them up for 802.11g and 802.11n, the iBook will not recognize it.  Plus it will slow your wireless to 33 Mbps.

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    If the iBook in question has a wi-fi card installed, in order to match the correct frequency version allotted to the vintage hardware you may have to find an older AirPort base station and see if you can run it off the IP's router; this may require an ethernet hub or bridge to share the source between two different wireless base stations.


    The first model Apple AirPort Express probably would still work with the iBook you have. Or an early AirPort Extreme orb, perhaps the last one in that series, also would be backward compatible if you could set it up in software from a Mac. You can set them up over a USB or maybe ethernet cable.


    By separating the source of the older frequency version from your other product demands, then the vintage iBook could see the internet. Due the slow-speed of early USB and differences in computer hardware, you may not be able to see any benefit of using a USB wi-fi key adapter with the newer wi-fi frequencies.


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3043930?tstart=0 May explain part of the problem.  Most wireless networks today use WPA2, as it is better encryption, if you are using too old a version of 10.3, you may not be using the right encryption.


    Here is 10.3.9:




    Here's the airport that supports 10.3.3 through 10.3.9 that includes WPA2:


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    Well the ibook used to connect to my modem and detect others just fine until I swapped the hdd. do you think just reinstalling os x would help anything? Also I put the wireless card that came with my ibook into an emac and then later put a new card into my ibook.. Could this switch be part of the problem?

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    Perhaps, if you could switch the card back in to the iBook, to see.


    There is a chance then you could test the card in the eMac, too.

    Not sure if the antenna wire into the card was fully pressed in to

    make an adequate connection, so these details may help fix it.


    A re-install of the OS X should not be required to get an airport

    card to be noticed by the system, usually a restart after a card

    installation is about all that would be required, plus settings.


    As tedious as the compact design of components and tight access

    are in these (and later models) no wonder they've about sealed them.


    Hopefully the matter is one you can address, and no other wires

    are otherwise loose from the hard drive replacement efforts.


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    I will make sure to switch the cards later to see if that helps. I did just notice that my ibook picks up my wifi signal when I hold it next to the modem but if I back away a few feet it looses signal.