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Apple has had an issue with people not able to get hotmail since 2010/ 2011.  Why have they not made the solution public, since the problem is generated when you try to change your password, and then log onto your phone?  I spent over a week going back and forth from Verizon to Apple to best buy geek squad trying to find out why I was unable to connect to server, or username/ password incorrect ( but it wasn't).  Verizon blamed hotmail, not the phone; Apple blamed Verizon and hotmail, and so on.  No one would own up to the problem, lest the solution.  I've since found the solution.  If you change your password on your laptop and try to enter on your your phone, you will get the following responses: username/password incorrect, or failure to connect to server.  You will not be able to delete the account and reenter, nor can you just go through the 2 step process.  Apple has made a built in seurity measure to prevent others from accessing your mail.  Unfortunately they do not let you know this, nor do they tell you specifics on how to fix it, ( not without charging your a fee.  Shame on Apple!  After a week of being brushed off from one place to another, I finally have the answer.  If anyone needs it, just reply, and I will tell you what I did. 

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.6
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    Here is the solution.  If it helps, please just reply that it did.     If you're unable to access your hotmail and it's saying username/password incorrect, or server connection failed, then try this.  Apple has put in a security messure if you try to change your password; but unfortunately they are not forthcoming with a solution.


    1) Log in though Safari to access your hotmail account.

    Once you're in, go to the top of the page and click on the cogwheel and you will see options;  Click on Options.


    2) This will bring up another page.  Look for Account Info.  and click Security Info. 


    3) You will see App Password - Create Password

    Click on App Password.


    4) This will generate a new password for your phone.  You must use the password it creates for you.  Enter it int

    the Settings Icon, under mail, emails, ect. 


    5) Once this is done, it will remember the password it generated.  It's important to note that the generated password for your phone will not be the one you use for your laptop.  Meaning, if you were able to log onto your laptop to get the emails; but not your phone; then just keep your password the same, and you'll just have a generated password for the cell phone.  But this solution does work.  I hope I haven't confused anyone, but I just wanted to share this with anyone who might be having these issues.  Please mark if it has helped you.  Thank you. 

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    Thank you so much for this!

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    Yes Stellina. You should get an Oscar

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    You clever clogs. Good for you. And thank youxxx