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So the lovely lady at the airport dropped my bag during security check in at the airport. The bag contained my brand new Mac Book pro. So I thought no big deal (the fall was not that bad and it was in a bag with protection) and it turns out that the screen has a small bump and again I thought no big deal! Here comes the strange part i turn on my mac book and vertical rainbow lines appear across the screen. I close the lid and open it again (screen turns off and on) and the color is restored. My mac will work as perfectly as soon as there is motion on the screen of anykind (videos playing, mose moving etc.) or if the camera is turned and the camera picture is displayed somewhere on the screen (facetime or photobooth). As soon as I display anything still on the computer its rainbow colors again. The bump is about half of mm in the lower right corner of the screen. I guess it can be a software issue (unlikely but possible) and what is left the wires on the screen or the screen itself. Anyone with similar experiences? How much would a repair cost (I would rather not change the whole screen).  But if it was the screen or the wires what difference would it make if anything is running on the screen or the screen is static?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
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    Problem resolves (if anyone cares). I just saved 1000 Euros on screen replacement using my pure briliance! The right corner bumb caused a damage to the Isight cable which was (when no app is using the camera) sending random electrical signals to the screen. By using a small script to disable Isight drivers the camera is totaly out of power and no electrical signals occure. The screen is super for hours now, I just enable the drivers before I use the camera again.

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    Good fix!