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I'm new to the Apple world so I was wondering what are the concrete steps in taking care of my battery life?

Should I plug it in whenever I'm home or wait until it discharges to 20%? And should I unplug it when not using it or still plug it in? Every when should I discharge it to 20% and charge it back to 100%? Once a month? twice a month? Sorry for being a newbie, I just want to know the specific concrete ways on how to make my machine's battery last long. I have read different threads about this but I'm still confused on what procedure I should follow. What I'm routing now is to charge my MBP as long as there is a near socket and unplug it and shut it down when not in use. I don't really know if that is the right thing to do... And now, I still don't know on every when should an MBP be discharged to 20% and charged back to 100%. A follow up question is, after discharging it to 20%, and recharging it back to 100%, should I leave it being charged until I finish using my MBP? Thanks for you time in advance! Sorry to bother you guys

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Simply keep the settings at default. and try to keep the brightness keyboard backlight at lowest values when there is sufficient light. and there is no need for calibration of battery as new batteries are pre caliberated.

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Keep the computer plugged in whenever possible.


If you keep the computer always plugged in, make sure that twice a month


run it on battery until battery level drops to about 50-40%.



Maximize Runtime / Tips for maximizing your battery charge


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