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After frantically searching for the cause of this catastrophe, i found an email from apple in my junk mail saying my appleiD was being suspended for security reasons (surely apple wouldnt junk their own mail) so I immediatly confirmed my email with them followed the steps hoping that my library would come back! No avail. It did say you woulnt be able to use ecrtain apps until you conformed but why arent my photos back? I confirmed? I've don't the IfileX trick, no luck. Ive searched for file names, the entire library, not just the contents is gone. I've done a trillion different google'd methods of finding it. Nada. I was asked to make a new library when I opened it, my old one was gone so Iphoto was acting like I hadnt used it before. Blank. I had so many precious photos on there, I know about time machine ect ect but I just forgot to back it up. My bad, but still. Time machine shouldnt be an issue because my library shouldnt be gone


Desperatly want this issue fixed.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OSX version 10.9.2 drop down broken