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Having backed up my drive with Time Machine, I want to upgrade my MBP to Mavericks from SL 10.6.8.


But I'm considering my options since it's probable some old apps won't work (mainly Miscrosoft Office X and PS.cs (Version 8) aka PS CS 1.) Btw, roaringapps says nothing about these apps.


One option is  installing a SL partition. So my questions are:


Can I do an install from the install cds of the os without the apps, etc? If so, any idea of the size of that installation?


If not, and I have to installl all the usual apps, etc. what would be the size of that installation?


Finally, my install cd is probably 10.6.4 or thereabouts, if I check software updates will they give me the 10.6.8 or will I have to go somewhere special?




MacBook Pro 2.66 ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)