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Having backed up my drive with Time Machine, I want to upgrade my MBP to Mavericks from SL 10.6.8.


But I'm considering my options since it's probable some old apps won't work (mainly Miscrosoft Office X and PS.cs (Version 8) aka PS CS 1.) Btw, roaringapps says nothing about these apps.


One option is  installing a SL partition. So my questions are:


Can I do an install from the install cds of the os without the apps, etc? If so, any idea of the size of that installation?


If not, and I have to installl all the usual apps, etc. what would be the size of that installation?


Finally, my install cd is probably 10.6.4 or thereabouts, if I check software updates will they give me the 10.6.8 or will I have to go somewhere special?




MacBook Pro 2.66 ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Partition your current HD and put a bootable Snow Leopard clone onto it. Then, you can put Mavericks on either. That allows running two OSs and not having to worry about incompatible apps. Alternatively, put the clone onto an ext HD, etc.

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    Thanks for the reply!


    Can I clone just the Snow Leopard OS from my current drive? I thought cloning would be the entire drive. If I try to clone the current HD there's tons of stuff there.


    Seems like I should just install from the disks. That's why I was surious about the size. But maybe that's my ignorance speaking.



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    IMO, not worth the effort. My boot volumes take up about 75 GB, each. Simple enough to clone onto a separate volume or a new disk.

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    Mine takes up 220 gig. Nearly half the boot disk. I want something small around 25 gig, the reason for my orginal questions: What's the size of the system install so?

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    How big you make the partition depends on how much you plan to do on it. For example, if you'll be creating a lot of new data or keeping a lot of applications to store on that partition, then it needs to be bigger. I made my Snow Leopard partition ~52 GB and have 23+ GB free, but I removed a lot of data since I primarily run Mavericks.

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    Thanks for the reply, Eric!


    From the internet the SL install appears to be ~5 gb. I take it that includes everything (apps,etc.). I would add and use Word (from Microsoft Office X), Photospop CS 1, the Canon Lide 80 scanner and Toast 8 Titanium, unless they work with Mavericks. Roaringapps has no info for them. That's about it. I intend to use Mavericks primarily for fcpx 10.1 and all else.


    I have backed up the current boot drive with Time Machine. So could add fcpx 9.0.1.


    Since cloning appears to clone the entire drive, I wonder if one can make an .img of the os? Sorry, stupid thought, I'm sure.


    I might just go Mavericks install over and if too much is incompatible then clean install with the partitions. Tho someone said old 3rd party stuff might cause problems and he recommended a clean install.


    Any thoughts?


    Thanks again,



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