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This started yesterday after I downloaded the most recent iTunes update.


I plugged in my iPod to sync up with some changes I had made to my songs list and iTunes froze up. My iPod still had the "do not diconnect" still up on the screen, but after 5 hours of waiting it was obivouse the only option I had was to shut it down through task manager. I did that and turned my computer off and let it sit for awhile. After rebooting and plugging my iPod back in, iTunes popped up a window telling me that I needed to restore my iPod. I did this, 4 times in a row (iTunes would not allow me to progress otherwise) After wipeing my iPod clean, I went to start to sync it up to get my music back on. Well it would download a few songs then freeze, resulting in me haveing to start the entire process all over. I tried working in small ammounts of songs at a time (10 songs then stop, disconnect, power down, reboot, and repeat) This was the only way it was letting me do anything. This morning when I went to continure, it told me there were corrupt files (again) and asked me if I wanted to run a fix. Maybe I should have just ignored that, because now if I plug my iPod in iTunes instantly freezes.

So basically, I'm stuck with an empty iPod (telling it to run the fix ended up earasing everything I had gotten back on last night) and I am unable to run iTunes if my iPod is plugged in.


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