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This started yesterday after I downloaded the most recent iTunes update.


I plugged in my iPod to sync up with some changes I had made to my songs list and iTunes froze up. My iPod still had the "do not diconnect" still up on the screen, but after 5 hours of waiting it was obivouse the only option I had was to shut it down through task manager. I did that and turned my computer off and let it sit for awhile. After rebooting and plugging my iPod back in, iTunes popped up a window telling me that I needed to restore my iPod. I did this, 4 times in a row (iTunes would not allow me to progress otherwise) After wipeing my iPod clean, I went to start to sync it up to get my music back on. Well it would download a few songs then freeze, resulting in me haveing to start the entire process all over. I tried working in small ammounts of songs at a time (10 songs then stop, disconnect, power down, reboot, and repeat) This was the only way it was letting me do anything. This morning when I went to continure, it told me there were corrupt files (again) and asked me if I wanted to run a fix. Maybe I should have just ignored that, because now if I plug my iPod in iTunes instantly freezes.

So basically, I'm stuck with an empty iPod (telling it to run the fix ended up earasing everything I had gotten back on last night) and I am unable to run iTunes if my iPod is plugged in.


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iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Doublechecking something. Does iTunes also freeze if you go "Edit > Preferences" as well as when you attach an iPod?

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    I was able to go in change my library name and come back out without a problem. (iPod is not currently plugged in) Is there something specific I should check for in there?

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    I can't go to anything if my iPod is plugged in, it instantly freezes iTunes.

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    Is there something specific I should check for in there?


    ... no, it's actually ruled out something I was wondering about. There's a freeze which hits people either when they plug in an iPod or try to go into the iTunes preferences. Folks with that have been getting past it with a complete uninstall/reinstall of iTunes and related software components. Unfortunately, that's not what you seem to be getting (since you can go into your preferences without iTunes freezing).

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    If I was to uninstall/reinstall iTunes on my computer, will my music I currently have in my library still be saved to the account or would I have to redownload it all? (most of my music is off CD's) Just wondering if that might help it, but would wait if I have to re upload all those CD's.

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    Under normal circumstances, an uninstall/reinstall doesn't touch your content. (That being said, it's still always a good idea to maintain a current backup at all times in case of disasters of any sort.)


    ... on the other hand, I'm not sure that the uninstall/reinstall is the first thing to try here. (Given that your preferences in iTunes are working fine.) The following document (or one of the ones linked to off it) might be the best one to try:


    iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes

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    OK I went through the trouble shooting list (there were a few things I couldn't do because having my iPod plugged in while iTunes is open causes it to lock up)

    I just finished unistalling and re installing iTunes and it still freezes when I plug in the iPod.

    iTunes seems to run just fine as long as my iPod is not plugged in.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Has anyone had this problem and some how fixed it?

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    Still having this problem. Am on day 10 of having a very expensive paperweight. Help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Havw the same issue, told Applecare who have no idea about it. iTunes update killed my perfectly working iPod and erased all my music and now won't connect at all!

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    Well something different happened! I plugged in my iPod while iTunes was open, and after letting it just sit for about an hour, it unfroze it'self. However, iTunes did not recognize the iPod...until about another hour later. I was able to sync 3 CD's worth of songs(over the corse of 2 1/2 hours) and then it just sat saying it was finishing the sync. I got up to let it do it's thing and came back about 30 min later, to find it saying it was starting the sync. After it had finished, I disconnected, unplugged, and looked at my iPod. I had 2 of the CD's I had checked off for it to sync, and about 12 that I had told it not to sync. (I only had OK'd 3 CD's so as not to over whelm the system)

    I also have automatic sync turned off, but apperently that doesn't matter because as soon as I plugged back in, it went into a sync. I let it it for a bit again, and when I came back to it it wasn't showing my iPod being connected, even though the screen on my iPod said it was connected. Well after a few more hours of just letting it sit hoping iTunes would catch up like it (kind of) had been all day, I came back to a pop up window saying iTunes didn't recongnise the divice and gave me the option to force a dismount. I clicked that and big surprize...nothing happened. I ended up haveing to (yet again) close iTunes up through task manager. Oh and even though I hadn't restored my iPod, it wiped it all over again, so the little bit I had on there earlier in the day was once again gone.


    I will point out, I never once had any problems before the latest update, and watching the other discussions, I know I'm not the only one having these and other problems.

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    7 months later and my ipod is still little more than a very expensive device to play solitaire on.


    itunes still locks up when I plug in my ipod. I have not been able to get a single song onto it since I first started having this problem.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes countless times.

    Has there been any news on this? Has Apple acknowledged there is a problem? Have they come out with a solution??

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