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I   just got an iPhone 5S Gold and my battery life is really short for simple task as sms/WhatsApp. Very disappointed.



When I got it last friday, I had to charge it twice already but given that it's new, I thought it was ok, the next few days, no improvement. I have yet installed any apps, just what ever that came with it, my usage at the time was just simple sms and music, no video streaming or game but already having the short battery issue.



I did some google and to my surprice, Apple admits there was some battery issue on some units ...one of the recommanded was to restore the  phone to 7.06. I did that and didn't help.



Today, I went to see a mac guy and I showed him the  screenshots of how much battery depleted  over a certain period...the guy didn't help, he just did some  diagnostic. The graph he had on his diagnostic handheld showed the my phone's battery was constant discharge from 8am (full) to 2pm (20% left), not sure how this happened when i only used sms and WhatsApp. This is when i was at work, so, not sure how the battery discharge with such a constant rate while it was next to me and not being used besides sms and What'sApp.



He told me that a brand new 4 days old iphone 5S is pretty good for 5 hours and 21 minutes of usage.



I was speechless.



I am sure the bad bettery issue is in my unit.



He then offered to replace my unit with a re-conditioned one, i told him my phone is 4 days old and wouldn't able to replace it with a new unit (non-re-conditioned)



Very disappointed on Apple for a 700$ phone.


Anyone know of anything else I can do to fix this issue?


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    So I went to see the the mac people again today, this guy is even more agressive, keeps telling me it's the apps that are killing the battery but wouldn't point out which app(s). Then tells me to turn off notifications, location, background datas etc...


    FOr the record I only have 4 apps (WhatsApp, games, wallet app)...showed them the celluar data usage and it's right now only 110mb...guy kept on telling me to do this and that to save battery.


    I am talking 5 ish hours of usage compare to 1.5 days.


    All the people who I spoke to that has iphone 5/S said on regular use, their battery would last upto 1.5 days...which aligns with my previous experience with iphone 3G and 4...


    very disappointed.


    very sad for Apple


    My 2 cents to those who's having issue with their unit and after 1 visit to the Apple store and issue is not resolved, don't wast your time and money - return for a full refund asap before the grace periot runs out.