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Hi All,


          I updated to Mavericks OSX from OSX Leopard(not a fresh install) about 4 months ago and I got the new Garage Band and bought the additional loops for $5.00 dollars.  It worked well and I was even able to load the Old Garage band sounds from Legacy in the New Garage Band.   Both versions of Garage band even worked beautifully side by side.


However, I had to do a fresh install of Mavericks OS (wiping my drive clean).   Here are my issues:


1. When I loaded the New Garage Band I don't see the Legacy appearing with the Old Garage band sound.


2. I installed the old garage band but the most of the loops and the entire instruments are missing.


3. I don't see where to go to download additional loops in the old garage band - I don't recall seeing these loops and instruments in the new Garage Band.


I even tried installing the loops from the original  DVD that came with my 2010/2011 13 inch Macbook Pro  but nothing worked.


Can anyone help?

MacBook Pro
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    Have you tried the "Restore Purchase" command in GarageBand 10.0?

         Main menu bar  "GarageBand  > restore Purchase"?


    The easiest way to restore all instruments and loops would be to restore them from your backup:

    You need to restore certai  folders from the System Library - the "Library" folder at the top level of your Macintosh HD:


    • All folders with "Loops" in their names from "/Library/Audio/"
    • Any missing instruments in /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/
    • Any missing instruments from /Library/Application Support/Logic/


    After reinstalling, restart the system and rebuild the Loop index in both GarageBands:

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    Thanks for trying to help.     I read your suggestions - appreciated but, I became kind of confused.

    Anyways I thought that what I needed to do was to uninstall Garage band 6 from my macbook pro.


    1.   I did just that - uninstalled Garage band 6 from my laptop - totally.


    2.   In the Applications folder where Garage Band 10 (the new Garage Band) is I created a new folder and called it        a name I liked(any name will do).


    3.   I dragged the garage band 10 to that new folder I have created - this way Garage Band 10 does not exist in        the Applications folder anymore.


    4.   I then got the Application DVD that came with my macbook pro , inserted it and select custom install.

           That way I get the uption to install Garage Band 6 and its Jingles and Loops ONLY by unchecking all the              other bundled applications (iweb, idvd ect.)


    5.   Garage band 6 then installs directly to the application folder.  


    6.  Opened Garage Band 6 from the application folder and I saw my original instruments and loops.


    7.  To get the additional loops for garage band 6 I select one of the greyed out loops and I got a prompt  to                 download additional 600MB of loops ect from Apple.


    8.   I clicked Ok to download the loops and My App Store was opened; after a few secs the I saw the additional         loops  appear in the update.   I clicked update and the update of 1.2gb took approximatly 10 minuites to               download.


    9.   I restarted my Macbook pro and opened Garage Band 6 and all my loops and instruments were there and           worked quite fine in OSX Mavericks.


    10.  I then opened the folder with Garage band 10 ( the new Garage Band) and it opened - even while Garage       Band 6 was opened.  The instruments from the old Garage Band was automatically added to the new garage     band  as legacy.


    I am happy.


    Hope this helps anyone else with the same issues Garage Band/OSX Mavericks.


    For trying to help - I will share a track I composed some time ago with Garage Band: