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I have been having a lot of trouble with Safari Version 7.0.2 (9537.74.9) since upgrading to 10.9.2.   One such problem is with pull-down menus in websites.   (This is as distinguished from the pull-down menus of Safari itself.)   Many websites have pull-down menus.   These website menus do not work effectively in Mavericks.  For example, one website that is very important to me has a menu that is longer than the height of my monitor.  And the selections that I almost always need are at the bottom of that menu.  When I scroll down that menu, the menu proceeds too fast, and I almost always overshoot the selection that I want.   At that point, then, Safari stops the operation of the pull-down menu, and I have to reload the whole page.


Safari gets worse.  Often I try to print a webpage to PDF.   When I pull down the "PDF" menu in the print window, I have to be very, very careful to select the exact selection "save as PDF."  If I don't, then Safari crashes, and I get a dialog box asking me if I want the OS to send a notice to Apple.   I click "Yes."  I wish the button said, "Yes, of course, right now, without delay," but it does not.   And then I have to wait for Safari to start up again.


Is there a solution to this problem?

Mac mini (Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9)