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I am using Mail 3.6 and it's set up with an IMAP account through Gmail.  I have it set up with multiple accounts which are accessed from multiple computers.  However, there is a very strange bug which has been affecting one of the accounts for a long time and recently started to affect another account.  Incoming mail always shows up in the IMAP (All Mail) folder but it does not usually show up in the Mail Inbox.  And when it does show up, it often disappears as soon as I open it. 


There seem to be a number of threads about this problem, but I often for more recent versions of Mail.  Following the more pertinent suggestions in these threads, I tried going to Gmail and turning off Auto-Expunge and also turned off ISync.  This seems to have solved the problem for the account which recently started acting up, but the account that has always been wacky is still wacky as ever.  I've tried deleting the account and adding it again and checked through the settings many times to confirm that it is set up like the other accounts.


Any ideas why this account behaves differently?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Mail 3.6