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I have a 32gb iPad third generation

I had used up all the space on the memory with the larges contributor being photos/videos taking up 19gb

I backed all these up to one drive and then deleted all of them of the iPads memory

This only freed up what it said was about 6gb but I though that was alright no trouble but I just had a memory message pop back up and I checked the storage and it said that about 500mb were available and now it has gone down to 0 bytes.

The memory which the photos are taking up is only taking 300mb

I haven't downloaded anything onto the iPad and I backed the photos to the cloud so they aren't still on the device.

I haven't done a reset but I have restarted it but that didn't change anything

What is taking up the room and can I get rid of it? Thanks in advance

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.6