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I find that the isight camera in my MacBook Pro does not produce a picture as clear and crisp as an external webcam that I own.
The isight picture has reddish tinges and even though I have tried to change the settings I still cannot get a picture as good as my external webcam.
I have installed the external webcam into my mac however I am unable to use it with ichat or Yahoo Messenger because both programs default to the isght camera. Can anyone advise me of any way that I can do this.
Alternatively is it possible to disable isight
Or better still is there somewhere within the system that I can change the default camera.
This is my first Mac, I have had it for 1 week and I am an absolute novice.
Have used Windows PC's for some 15 years but am wanting to scrap my widows system in favour of the Mac.
Please help[

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Hello sidpickering,

    And Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    You should be able to change that by selecting your iSight under: iChatAV>Preferences>Video

    If not, post back and let us know. It would also be interesting to know (model & brand) what external webcam you are using to produce a better picture.

    Bill Gallagher
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    If the camera's not an iSight (or a Firewire DV cam) it's still useable, but you will need an appropriate camera driver, which will allow the Mac to recognize it. Let us know what your using and we can give you some more specific advice. You will also need the third-party software iChatUSBCam, which will allow iChat to recognize cameras other than iSight. It's $10 shareware with a demo available.

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    Thanks very much i did pay for and download ichatusb cam and am now able to switch cameras.

    The external camera that I have was purchased from Dick Smith Appliances and was manufactured for them Model is XH5146
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    Hello again sidpcikering,

    Congratulations on solving your problem and for coming back and letting us know.

    Bill Gallagher